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The mission of the Washington County Community Development Corporation is to provide decent affordable housing for residents of Washington County, Rhode Island.  It assists towns in the County to meet their state mandated affordable housing goals, and serves as a trusted, locally-based and controlled resource for towns, developers, and residents to help meet the housing needs of the region and, endeavors to balance the development of affordable housing with smart growth, open space, and quality of life issues in Washington County.


WC CDC restricts its housing development activities in its jurisdiction to benefit households at or below low/moderate income guidelines.

The Washington County Community Development Corporation is an active member of the Housing Network of Rhode Island and strictly adheres to all federal regulations in the sale or rental of housing in its jurisdictional territory of Washington County in accordance with Federal Fair Housing Law (the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988).  Some of the local Affordable Housing plans specifically mention the WC CDC as the non-profit to assist them in implementation of these plans. 


WC CDC is fairly active for a small non-profit with limited staff.  WC CDC continues to seek out and form alliances and partnerships as appropriate for the fulfillment of its affordable housing mission. 


Southern RI has been and probably will continue to be the fastest growing region in the State.  As such, real estate values appreciate faster than the rest of the state and low/moderate households, without the presence of an active CDC, find themselves under great financial stress to remain living in the area. 


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